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School Information
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2016 - 2017 Bell Schedule

2016 - 2017 Bell Schedule - Cohort / Activity

2016 - 2017 Daily Schedule (Maroon / Gold / 8 Period)

Academic Calendar

Book Bags and Personal Property

Contact Information

Dade County School System - Complaint & Procedure Form for Federal Programs

Distribution of Published Materials or Documents

Field Trips

Flexibility Waiver

Food and Drinks at School

For More Information...

Internet Acceptable Use - IFBG

Messages and Deliveries

Parent Right To Know

Parental Notification

School Staff

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Student Lockers

Vision and Mission


Academic Programs
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Academic Honors and Awards

Class Night and Graduation

Course Credit/Promotion/Retention


Grading Scale and Grade Point Average

Graduation Requirements

Honors/Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment

HOPE and Zell Miller Scholar Programs

Media Center

Online Learning

Retesting Policy


Work-Based Learning

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Arrival and Dismissal

Attendance - Returning from an absence

Attendance Standards

College/School Visitation

Hall Passes

Make-up Work

Sign In/Sign Out Procedures


Code of Conduct/School Discipline
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Academic Dishonesty

Authority of the Principal/Teacher

Bullying Policy

Bus Conduct

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

Discipline: Progressive Consequences

Discipline: State Codes and Definitions

Dress Code

Drug Testing of Students

Federal Weapon Notice


Student Code of Conduct

Guidance Counseling Department
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General Information

Home School Enrollment

NCAA Eligibility Requirements

Registration and Schedule Changes

Section 504 Procedures

Student Reporting of Acts of Sexual Abuse or Sexual Misconduct

Tips for Seniors


Transfer Students

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Extracurricular Activities
Code # Subject

Attendance and Participation

Clubs and Organizations

Drug Testing of Students Participating in Athletics, Extracurricular Activities, and Driving a Vehicle on Campus

Equity in Sports

Junior/Senior Prom Eligibility

No Pass/No Participate

School Dances

Selling By Students

School Security, Drills, and Plans
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Emergency Drills and Plans

School Resource Officer

Operating a Vehicle on Campus
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Drug Testing

School Driving/Parking Policies

Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act

Cafeteria Guidlines
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Expectations for Student Behavior

Student Health
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Medications at School-Board Policy

School Clinic/Nurse

Sickness at School

Use of Office Telephone