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Suggestions for Parents


  • Review the choices that your student has made in eighth grade about what classes he or she will take in the ninth grade and attend the BRIDGE advisement opportunity held at the middle school that focuses on high school registration and planning. Seek the help of school counselors, if you have questions.
  • Review the BRIDGE Advisement Graduation Plan document with your student. This is completed before high school registration and signed by a parent at registration at the middle school.
  • Get involved with your student's teachers and attend school functions.
  • Encourage your student to become involved in the school community.
  • Understand that it may take your student several weeks or months to get used to high school.
  • Continue to encourage your student to be responsible and make good choices.
  • Make sure the school has correct phone numbers and email addresses for communication purposes.
  • Review the high school student handbook that is given out each fall.
  • Use Infinite Campus to continually review your child's grades and attendance.
  • Use the Dade County School District website to review calendar, testing, academic, and athletic/extra-curricular information.
  • Utilize the local high school website for communication, upcoming events, and important information.
  • Use the school counseling webpages: