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Mission & Vision Statement

Dade County High School's Mission & Vision Statement

Mission :

Dade County High School will ensure that students have the opportunity to become independent, hard working, life-long learners.  We are Dedicated and Committed to Helping Students graduate and become college and career ready.  We are DCHS!


To serve students through quality leadership and educational opportunities that will challenge and inspire them to become life-long learners who can succeed in a changing society. 

Counseling Mission & Philosophy Statements:


The mission of Dade County High School Counseling Program is to encourage all students to embrace life by pursuing academic excellence and developing a love of learning that empowers a lifetime of social-emotional, academic and career excellence.

Philosophy Statement:

  • All students have dignity and worth and have the right to be served by a comprehensive school counseling program.
  • All students have a capacity to learn and to be supported academically.
  • All students will be provided witha school counseling program that will be consistent with expected developmental stages of learning and differences in learning styles.