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Suggestions for Students with Personal/Social Development



Being a successful student is what school is about. Yet, we know that sometimes

what you think and feel may get in the way of academic success. If you are

having problems with friends or others, this may distract you from focusing

on school. For this reason, school counselors help you develop the following

standards for success in your personal and social life.


Standard A: Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

Standard B: Students will make decisions, set goals and take necessary action to achieve goals.

Standard C: Students will understand safety and survival skills.

                                                (Source: The American School Counselor Association National Model)



When you purchase a new video game or hair dryer, you read the instructions, so you will know how everything works. You should do the same thing with your brain and think about developing your self-awareness. Determine your self-image, attitudes, and habits.


To build your self-esteem:

  •  Be CONFIDENT and trust that you are a powerful person.
  •  Know that everyone is unique and embrace others who are different than you are.
  •  Do not be discouraged by the mistakes that you make.
  •  Always treat others in a kind manner.
  •  Be KIND to yourself.
  •  Believe in yourself.
  •  Think positively and distance yourself from negative people.
  •  Do your best at all times and take pride in everything that you do.

To build your attitude:

  • Your attitude affects everything you do.
  • Your attitude will either energize or drain you.
  • A positive attitude opens your mind to many possibilities.
  • You always have the power to treat others with RESPECT.

To increase your positive habits:

  •  Identify the bad habits that may prevent or slow you down from reaching your goals or potential.
  •  Review your habits from time to time and see if you need to change a habit.



Throughout high school, you begin evaluating your life, whether it is day-to-day details, a short term project, or a long-term project. A goal moves you toward something that you want to strive for or attain. Goals incorporate prioritizing, managing time, setting up a plan or schedule, and staying flexible.



You need the adults in your high school, so make an effort to form positive relationships with:r:

Teachers-Obviously, they are there to guide students and to help students learn the course content. However, they are not just interested in giving out homework and having you taking tests. Teachers can be great resources to help you with your career plans, especially as you learn what your favorite subjects are. Teachers also can be very good listeners for any type of issue that you are facing.

Professional School Counselors-His or her very reason for being at your school is to support you and see you succeed. Remember to discuss academic, personal/social, and career issues with your counselor. They will assist you in settling conflicts and making smart choices.

Other Adults-There are all types of adults who will support you -the resource office, school nurse,  media specialists, and administrators are only a partial list