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Work-Based Learning Application


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Work-Based Learning (WBL)?

WBL is an opportunity to be released from school early to go to work and start gaining some real world work experience – and get school credit! You can have a paid part-time position, an unpaid internship or both. We try to relate your work experience to your long-term career goals, but you can also get WBL credit if you just have a general part time job. This is a great opportunity to begin building your resume while still in high school.

What do I have to do for the class?

There are two main components of the WBL class:

  1. GO TO WORK. For each release period, you must work 7 hours per week. For example, if you have WBL during 4th block, then you have to work 7 hours each week. Those hours do not have to be literally in the fourth block segment each day.  You might only go to work one afternoon during the week and then on a Saturday. This gives you flexibility with other after school activities, like athletic games and practices. Failure to comply may result in dismissal from the program.
  2. COMPLETE MONTHLY ASSIGNMENTS. Each month, you have to complete a few assignments that are related to a specific topic. Here’s an example of what your workload might look like for one month:
  • January Activity 1 – Teamwork & Work Habits
  • January Reflection Journal (what did you do at work this month)
  • January Timesheet (track when you worked) or pay stubs (if you make money)
  • January Employer Evaluation (your manager/mentor gives you a one page evaluation on your performance)

Some months have more to do than others. Assignments are always due the 5th of the next month, so it’s easy to remember. And you turn assignments in online, which makes it very convenient! Failure to comply may result in dismissal from the program.

How do I get to work/my internship? 

Students must provide reliable transportation daily.  

How many hours do I need for full credit? 

Students must work/intern an average of 1.5 hours per day for each release period to earn full credit for hours.

I have a paid job, can I use it for WBL?

Yes, if it is related to coursework. The purpose of WBL is to help students find their future career. Students can have a paid job and an internship related to his/her career goals.

Can I use my paid job to count for WBL hours even if I have an internship?

Yes, if students do not get enough hours through the  internship, they can supplement with paid hours. 

What if I can’t work for a few days or weeks? 

If a student is temporarily out of work due to extenuating circumstances, alternatives may be provided to earn hours. Speak to your coordinator. The purpose of WBL is for students to work/intern - it is NOT a free period. 

What if I don’t have a job or a related internship? 

Coordinators can help secure an unpaid placement. 

Can I get paid in healthcare? 

Most healthcare positions are unpaid due to lack of credentials. 

What schedule works best with WBL?

WBL works with all schedules; traditional, virtual, dual enrollment, athletics, extracurricular, etc.  

What if I have to get paid? 

The student should work to secure paid jobs on his/her own. The coordinator may help provide leads but we do not guarantee paid positions.